Jindalee Golf Club

dress codeDress Standards – Golf Course

All players are required to ensure that they are aware of the following minimum dress requirements for our course:

  • Neat and tidy shorts, slacks, dresses or skirts.
  • Shirts and blouses with collars or collarless golf shirts and turtle-neck shirts are preferred.
  • Shoes must be fully enclosed and metal spikes or boots are not permitted.
  • The following is not permitted:
    - shirts with bawdy or offensive wording or images
    - singlets
    - torn or dirty clothing is not permitted.

Please note:

Hats, including caps and visors are NOT to be worn in the club house, this is a long standing golf tradition, please respect it.

Although the club has dress standards your behaviour on the course is far more important to us than how you are dressed, please respect the course and the others using the course at all times:

  • Repair your divots and pitch marks.
  • Call the group behind you through if you are playing slower than them.
  • Do not hit up on players in front of you.

Course Etiquette

Pace of Play & Care of Course

A round of golf should take no longer than 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Each group should remain less than a fairway behind the group in front of them. All players are responsible for ensuring that they:

  • play at a good pace and walk briskly between shots
  • are ready to play as soon as it is their turn to play
  • when playing on or near the putting green they do not leave their bag or cart in front of the green, bags and carts should be left beside or behind the green in a position that will enable quick movement off the green and towards the next tee
  • immediately leave the putting green and near surrounds when a hole is completed. Cards should be marked while on the next tee or off the actual course after the 18th hole is completed
  • hit a provisional ball if they believe their ball may be lost or out of bounds or unplayable in the lateral water hazard when teeing off the 5th or 14th tee. 

Slow groups or individuals who fall a fairway behind the preceding group MUST call the following players through.

Having allowed a group behind to play through, do not continue play until that group is out of range.

Care of course

All players must:

  • Carry a bucket of sand and use the sand to repair their divots (this includes those players using a carry bag).
  • Rake sand bunkers after use and leave the rake outside of the bunker.