Jindalee Golf Club

Membership with Jindalee Golf Club gives you the freedom to play this challenging 9-hole course as much as you want and participate in our Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday Competitions. Jindalee Golf Club offers membership packages to suit your individual needs. If you would like more information please view our FAQ’s or contact the office on (07) 3376 1468, or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2020-2021 Annual Membership Fees

7 Day Full Member $770.00
7 Day Full Partner Member $650.00
5 Day Golfing Member (Mon to Fri) $616.00
5 Day Golfing Partner Member (Mon to Fri) $500.00
Intermediate (18-21 years old) $275.00
Full Time Student Membership $500.00
Junior under 18 years old $100.00
Country (over 75km) $330.00

The following membership packages are valid from 1 November 2020

Additional Information 

  • Jindalee Golf Club has NO joining fee
  • Monthly Direct Debit Repayment options are available. For any inquiries regarding instalment plans please contact the Club Manager on (07) 3376 1468
  • Members will need to pay 3 months upfront to be approved for the direct debit repayment option


Competition Fees

  Members Member Guest Visitor
Wednesday 18 Holes $12 $17 $17
Thursday Ladies $12 $17 $17
Saturday $15 $25 $25



2022 05 Membership Promo

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Membership FAQ's

  • 1. How do I become a member?
    You will need to complete an Application Form and lodge this form with the necessary fees at the Jindalee Golf Clubhouse.

    Both the nomination fee plus the subscription (pro rata yearly) is payable the day your application form is submitted. The Management Committee will then formally approve your application at their monthly meeting, which is usually held on the third Monday of each month. Once your application form and fees have been submitted to the office, you will be granted temporary membership.

    This enables you to use the clubhouse facilities and if you applied for golfing membership you can commence playing social golf as well playing in the competitions provided you have an GA handicap.

    Following approval at the Management Committee meeting, the new members are mailed a notification advising their application is formally approved.
  • 2. How can I obtain a proposer and seconder for my application?
    The Manager will be happy to help you organise a proposer and seconder.
  • 3. What is Golflink?
    GolfLink is a national internet database managed and affiliated with Golf Australia (the National Governing Body for Golf Clubs and Members). GolfLink adjusts each person’s handicap after each competition game. Members are allocated a 10 digit personalised number, this number is used to log onto the GolfLink website and view competition rounds.

    Visit www.golflink.com.au for further details.
  • 4. I do not have a handicap, how do I obtain one?
    Members obtain a handicap by playing 3 rounds of 18 holes with a person who holds a current GA handicap. Score cards used to obtain a handicap can be social or played during a Club competition.
  • 5. I am currently a member of another club and intend to join Jindalee Golf Club what happens to my handicap?
    Your current handicap will be transferred from your old club to Jindalee and a new Jindalee Golf Club number will be allocated. All competition rounds from your previous club will be shown on the GolfLink website and your handicap will remain the same.
  • 6. What are the rules around booking into competitions?
    The timesheet for the Saturday (mixed), Wednesday (mixed) and Thursday (Ladies only) competitions are released a fortnight in advance on the website or by the touch screen located within the proshop.

    A member may book themself and up to three other members into the timeslot in which they intend to play.
  • 7. Do I have to book if I want to play a social round or use the practice area?
    Yes, all members and social players need to book via the pro shop.
  • 8. Can I invite a guest to play in a competition or a social game?
    All visitors who play in a competition must be a member of another club and have an GA handicap.

    Wednesday and Thursday competitions are open to visitors, while the Saturday competition has a number of open days during the year where visitors are welcome. You may invite a guest to play in the Saturday competition (other than open days) provided there are spare spots in the field. To help ensure members guests do not take the spot of other members in the normal Saturday competition, guests can play provided there is a spare spot in the field within 7 days of play, and must be booked via the proshop.

    Members may bring up to 3 guests per social game and each guest is entitled to a discount off the normal green fees for the day. Please remember you are responsible for your guest's behaviour and attire while they visit the club.
  • 9. Can I bring my own motorised golf cart onto the course?
    Members must apply to the committee for approval to use their private golf cart prior to using it on the course, and must supply a copy of public liability insurance for the use of their motorised golf cart.
  • 10. What does the insurance component in the membership cover me for?
    The insurance fee provides a person to person coverage on the golf course i.e. if a member is injured by a golf ball they are covered, and if a member hits a ball and injures another player they are covered.
  • 11. Is my car covered by insurance at the club?
    No, the car park is a public car park. Any damage to a vehicle parked at Jindalee Golf Club is not the responsibility of the Club, nor is it covered in your membership insurance policy. Members need to contact their personal insurance company for any claims.